Hidden Gems Episode 7 | Don’t Speak – EVERGLOW

Hidden Gems is a series where I share my favorite b-sides every wednesday. In Hidden Gems we discover new b-sides that deserve some extra love and appreciation. You are more than welcome to recommend b-sides for me to check out.

Don’t Speak by EVERGLOW is a song I discovered randomly on Youtube when I stumbled over their Don’t Speak Christmas Performance and I’m so happy I checked it out. I’m not a big fan of Pirate so I must have either not listened to the whole album or I just skimmed through it even though I know EVERGLOW does release some banger b-sides. 

EVERGLOW is a group I have never fully been in love with even though I love most of their music. The reason is that I don’t enjoy their concept as much, simple as that. I don’t have the same passion for girl crush concepts as I have for high teen, cute & etc concepts. When I discovered the Christmas Performance of Don’t Speak I replayed that video for 3 weeks straight which I would never do for a girl group concept type of song. 

Don’t Speak is a fun and cute song released with their 3rd mini album Return of The Girl in December 2021. It’s nothing mind blowing and innovating with the song, but it’s such a catchy fun song that I will never grow tired from. I’m just so attracted to Sihyeon’s voice that whenever her parts play I’m 3 times happier. The melody and the beat is nothing but amazing. They also perform the song so well for performing a song that sounds nothing like what they have done in the past. 

Title Track Worthy?
It actually might be a good title track for another group, but never for EVERGLOW. Don’t Speak lacks the energy they have done for the title track in the past and it would be a total switch up that many won’t enjoy, but it works fantastic as a promotional b-side.

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