Hidden Gems Episode 9 | Not For Sale – ENHYPEN

Hidden Gems is a series where I share my favorite b-sides every wednesday. In Hidden Gems we discover new b-sides that deserve some extra love and appreciation. You are more than welcome to recommend b-sides for me to check out.

This week I wanted to go with a song from ENHYPEN and their 2nd mini album BORDER : CARNIVAL because that album is freaking gold, and I had a hard time deciding which song I want to do, but in the end I decided to go for Not For Sale. The album has many amazing songs that deserve to be enjoyed even though ENHYPEN is a super popular group and their b-sides are already well known to most K-pop fans.

A little information about ENHYPEN: they were formed through the survival show I-LAND and are under the company BE:LIFT Lab. It’s a 7 member group consisting of Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon & Niki which debuted in 2020 with the title track Given-Taken. BE:LIFT is a label created by HYBE and CJ Entertainment, so ENHYPEN is considered as a younger brother group to BTS and TXT. 

Not For Sale is a song from their 2nd mini album BORDER : CARNIVAL which was released may, 2021. Not For Sale is a calm pop song about love that is not for sale. The song has a beautiful meaning of true love not being a transactional thing where you have to give one thing to receive something back and to give everything expecting to receive nothing. I absolutely love the beat and the instrumentals in this song, and the strings in the post-chorus are heavenly. 

Title Track Worthy?
Not For Sale is nothing like the title tracks that ENHYPEN has done and it might not be the most exciting song for a title track, but I think it has the quality to be a title track. 

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