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What, why and how to host a group order? In this post I’m going through what a Group Order (GO) is and how they work, why people host group orders, and how you can host your own group order if you desire. 

What is it, and why do people host group orders?

A group order is when one person makes a huge order from a specific store by collecting orders from other people to save on shipping cost. So instead of people buying their items and paying quite a pricey international shipping price by themselves, they share the international shipping cost which will be lower the more items ordered and more people who join the group order.

There are other reasons for hosting and joining a group order than just saving on shipping cost, more information will be further down the post. 

The different types of group orders

To understand the benefits of group orders we have to understand the different types of group orders.

• Fansign GO
This is probably the most common one. The host is trying to buy as many albums as possible to enter a fansign so they can get the chance to talk with their favorite idols. The host usually gives discounts to those who join the group order so people are more inclined to join their group order so it’s also a nice opportunity for people who are looking for cheap options to buy albums. 99% of hosts are transparent about their intentions and the joiners should expect some time for their albums to arrive. 

Most group orders do member sorting which is great for fans that only collect one member of a group. Member sorting is when the host opens the albums in order to sort album inclusions like photocards based on the joiner’s preferences. The more albums there are in the group order the more likely you are to get your pick, but it also depends on the popularity of the member you choose. 

The store’s exclusive photocards are also given and sorted to the joiners.

• Event GO
K-pop groups/idols have online events from time to time and it’s a great opportunity for group orders. Some just want a photocard set and the shipping cost for that is disgustingly high, so there is a lot to save on shipping when ordering through a group order. 

Member sorting is also an option for people that only collect one member and don’t want to buy a full set. 

There are also offline events like pop-up stores and concerts which most people can’t attend, so those who do attend those events will do group orders for a small fee.

• Album GO
A basic group order for those who want to buy albums and save on shipping. The most cost efficient way is to find a group order from the same country since shipping will be lower and it will take less time for the albums to arrive from the host. If there are multiple people who want the same album they might do member sorting if the people who buy the albums agree to it. 

How to host a group order

In order to host a group order you need to find people who want to join, which can be done through any social media or market places. Most K-pop fans who collect albums, photocards & etc. have a social account where they buy, sell and trade K-pop stuff. 

  1. Post your Group Order on your account
  2. Collect people’s order and money
  3. Order from the store
  4. Receive the package
  5. Mail out people’s order 

The important step is to be transparent with your joiners throughout the journey. It can be hard to host a GO if you don’t have any previous proof of selling or trading, so I recommend starting to sell and trade a lot before starting a group order.

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