Most Unique Kpop Album Packaging

Today we are going to look at some unique kpop album packaging (Good ones, Weird ones etc.). There will also be a unique album inclusion post coming soon. 

8. ONF – We Must Love
The whole album is in a post envelope. 

7. Got7 – Got It?
Everytime I see a video of someone’s album collection and they have this album it always catches my eyes. It’s simple and noticeable. 

6. PSY – PSY 6
Shaped like a can of tuna. The packaging is fun and unique, but it’s so weird ^^ 

5. Miss A – Bad but Good
A triangle shaped album which would absolutely stand out on your shelf. Miss A’s debut album definitely showed off something different and unique. Do I like it? No it’s weird I don’t like it at all. 

4. Pentagon – Love or Take
The album is designed like an anime book and it looks really cool. There are 3 different versions with 8 different member album covers so in total there are 24 different album covers which are insane, but when you have the full set it looks awesome on the shelf. 

3. EXO – The power of Music
A comic book designed album. The packaging for this album is so well thought out and there is nothing in the album that doesn’t belong in it. Every member has their own superpowers and stories explained in the album. 

2. Oh My Girl Banhana – Banana Allergy Monkey
My personal favorite album packaging. A Game boy inspired packaging with yellow and purple color. There is also a limited version of this album with another color palette (Pink and Green).  

1. f(x) – Pink Tape
Iconic. In every discussion about which album has the best packaging f(x)’s Pink Tape will always be mentioned. It’s literally designed like a tape and it’s pink, what more do you want? 

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