My Kpop Supplies

Are you wondering what kind of supplies I use for my collection? 
Here: Ultimate Guard binder, Ultimate Guard pages, Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves & Dragon Shield Resealable Sleeves. 

My supplies have changed a few times. Often the change led to something better and I feel like I am in the place where I am not going to make any changes to my supplies for a while. 

Ultimate Guard Supreme Xenoskin D-Ring Binder
Not the shortest name… It was expensive and it was just the binder. I do not recommend people buying it. There are other binders that are more affordable and would do the same job. 
I am happy with it and it is the same brand as my pages, but I do not think I will buy another one. Maybe only for my Weeekly collection. 

Ultimate Guard 18-Pocket Side Loading Pages
These pages are the best! I am so happy that I tried them. The pockets fit the Katana sleeves perfectly and there should never be any dust touching the cards. And what is there not to like?

  • Side-loading 
  • Acid free, no PVC
  • Extra high clearness
  • Fits almost any D-Ring binder
  • Durability 
  • Fits double-sleeved cards

Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves Black
I have a review of it here: Katana Sleeves Black
The only bad thing about these sleeves are the price, but if you want the best sleeves here they are. 

Dragon Shield Perfect Inner Card Sleeves
I also have a review of it here: Resealable Sleeves
They are perfect for protecting cards you highly value with protection from all sides. I use them as inner sleeves for some of my Weeekly collection. The best part is that you can use them multiple times. There is no glue or tape. 

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