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SEVENTEEN is probably one of my favorite boy groups who are active at the moment and I’m always excited to see them have a new comeback, but I actually have never listened to a whole album/minid¨å album by Seventeen before. I have only checked out the title track so today we are going to change that. 

Heaven’s Cloud 7/10

This definitely sounds like a svt song. The song is really good and interesting, but I do not enjoy listening to it for some reason. I feel like it has the huge potential to grow on me, but at the moment this is a skip for me.

Ready to love 10/10

I absolutely love this song! I was hooked on this song from the first line. It gives me 2 gen vibes and I love it. As a non-fan of svt I really like the song, but the song does not sound like a svt title track which could be disappointing to Carats. 

The MV is a mess and almost outright bad. There are so many weird things with the MV. Personally I would love to see a cliche 2 gen high tension love story, some acting, fighting, anything and what did we get? Some pretty wallpapers…. 

You can check out Form of Therapy’s video who is a huge Carat and they make many good points about the song: Link 

Anyone 5/10

I must be faded or something because I’m pretty sure I have heard the melody somewhere else, but I don’t know. I think the song is decent.

GAM3 BO1 4/10

Had a blast listening to this song. Maybe it will grow on me, but it’s such a weird song and I don’t know if it works well or if it’s bad. First listen “What the f is this, next song!”, but then I started to enjoy the song because of the fun elements in the song. 

Wave 5/10

More interesting than Anyone, but it’s just not my taste of music. 

Same dream, same mind, same night 6/10

I’m a sucker for ballads and svt did not disappoint with their vocals. Their vocals are amazing, but I prefer other ballads over this one.

What do you guys think of the album and what is your favorite song?

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