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BOP BOP! [Title Track]   💙💙💙💙💙
The intro had me intrigued and it gave the song the potential to be something great. I wasn’t totally sold on the first listen, but the song was so good that I had to give a few more listens before I gave it my thoughts. The 2nd listen was great and better than the first, but the 3rd listen really had me sold and it might very well be in my Top 10 releases of 2022 by the end of the year. 

Everything was on point – The outfits, the girls themself and I loved the whole vibe of the song. The girls looked stunning in the MV and enjoyed every second of the MV. I can’t wait until the live stages, I will watch every one of them. I’m on the verge of becoming obsessed with Viviz like the time of my early days with Gfriend. I need and will most likely buy the album when I can. Btw short hair Eunha will forever be superior. 

I don’t know if I’m the incompetent one or if Source Music were just bad at promoting Umji, but I have never noticed Umji like I did now – Viviz Umji > Gfriend Umji. She was given the spotlight and she shined like never before, and her glow up. For those who don’t know, the 3 members of Viviz are former Gfriend members when none of the members renewed their contract with their former company. Personally I’m glad that some decided to stay together – Eunha, SinB & Umji. It’s a good feeling seeing a group who decided to be together and it’s not the same when they are put together at random by their company. They are surprisingly young to have been in the industry for 6+ years and I think they will continue to serve bops, and I will eat up every crumbs of it.

Fiesta   💙💙💙💙
My favorite b-side on this album, I love it. Fiesta has the potential to be a Title track and there would be a lot of groups with less popularity and resources that could use this song as a Title track. Not meant to put down smaller groups, rather showing how great the song is. 

Tweet Tweet   💙💙💙💙
It’s so close to being a banger… The only part I don’t like it’s in the chorus – when they drag the words at the end of the sentence and the beat takes over for 2 seconds, it’s literally nitpicking on the next level. I might start to like the part after some listens or just enjoy the rest of the song without it annoying me.

Lemonade   💙💙💙
It’s a great song and my only complaint is that the music is too loud. They have great voices and I would love to hear them more clearly. It might just be the Spotify version, I haven’t tested.

Love You Like   💙💙
It’s such a good and lovely song, but I can’t have this one repeat. The chorus is a tad annoying.

Mirror   💙💙💙💙
A tribute to Gfriend. This song reminds me of something Gfriend would release – The quality and the lyrics. It’s a little sad to not hear Yuju high notes anymore. It was a nice way to end the album.

Overall   💙💙💙💙

Viviz clearly delivered! They released an amazing album and I’m so close to giving the album 5/5 hearts. I’m so glad to see that they are still pursuing the idol life together and I hope they experience all the glory they deserve. As I said I will most likely buy the album when I have the opportunity. 

Did you like the album?

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