Weeekly 2nd Anniversary MD Haul

After a failed attempt to arrive at the right address, my Weeekly 2nd Anniversary package is finally here. Weeekly celebrated their 2nd anniversary the 30th June, and as last year they released some anniversary merch for the fans. We didn’t get the same amount of merch as last year, which I find sad as I support this group to the fullest and are ready to spend money on everything they release. This anniversary is also quite special since IST announced that Jiyoon would no longer continue as a member of Weeekly right before the anniversary.

For the 2nd anniversary MD we got a Mini photo book, a Photo & Photocard Set and a Film key ring.

Mini Photo Book – consists of 96 photos from debut to present which we have not seen before. It’s nice to see Jiyoon appear in a few pictures and that IST Ent. isn’t totally erasing her time and effort into the group. It’s quite small and compact with a glued spine which makes it incredibly hard to browse through without ruining the spine and bending the pages. 


Photo & Photocard Set – consists of 7 postcard sized photos and 6 photocards. The photocards are from their debut Tag Me, but the photos are from different periods. I absolutely adore these photocards. Tag Me is the era we have the least photocards from and it’s so nice to get more photocards from that era even though it has been 2 years since it finished. I can’t choose which photocard I like the best since they are equally amazing. 


Film Key Ring – consists of 9 transparent film photos (3 group & 6 inviduall photos). Even though the photos are totally adorable, this is the purchase I regret the most. Almost $20 USD dollars for a film key ring is insanity. This is only for people that are hardcore fans (like me) because there is no way spending $20 on something that will be barely looked at is reasonable, and I hope the next time they sells merch that they drop the film key ring for something else. I sincerely believe there is not a single fan that was happy that they decided to have a film key ring.

I don’t know what is happening behind the scenes at IST, but this anniversary MD was inferior to the 1st anniversary MD by far. The first had a lot of details and care, but for the 2nd anniversary they just threw some pictures together of the members and made really simple things. This is just one of the red flags IST have shown lately and I’m not that confident that Weeekly is getting the resources to succeed as before.

Has anyone purchased any of the anniversary merch?

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