What is a video call fansign and how can I win one?


Hi, do you want to know what a Video Call Fansign is and how you can participate in one? Then you have come to the right place. I will walk you through everything you need to know from how they work and finding one to talking to your idols. 

Video call is simply a personal 1:1 video call with your idols where you can interact with your idols. 

The normal in-person fansign have been canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so many idols/groups have started to do video call fansigns instead as they are a big part of the revenue and the fan-interaction. This is huge news for international fans as they can attend fansigns without traveling to the other half of the Earth. 

International fans had no way of attending fansigns before the pandemic without traveling to Korea or waiting for the idols to have a tour in their country. They can now talk and interact with their idols through their comfort at home. 

My Experience

I had the opportunity to attend a video call fansign for my favorite group Weeekly. I never had a huge urge to try for any video call fansigns before, but for some reason I felt like I had to talk with Weeekly so for the next comeback I decided to try and win a video call fansign which I did. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and I will never forget the experience. Leading up to the video call was nerve wracking, but I had so much fun in the video call and I got to show my support for the girls. They were the greatest and kind. Almost everyone could communicate in english which was great for me.

Soeun watermark 3

Personalized signed albums are gifted to everyone who wins the fansign and depending on the event they also give polaroids, some are signed and some are not. For my first video call fansign through Makestar I got a signed polaroid in addition to the signed album. 

This Weeekly Soeun polaroid is my first polaroid ever in my 8 years of being a Kpop fan. It will be treasured forever and the polaroid holds great memories and value to me which I will never let go.

How to win and attend a video call fansign

Source: Makestar twitter

1. Follow you idols social media

To win a video call fansign you need to know where they hold the event so following your idols on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is a good start. From my experience companies tend to promote their fansign events more on Twitter than Instagram & Facebook. 

You should absolut join your idol’s Daum fancafe. These are usually managed by the artist’s company and contain information on the artist’s schedule, fansign events, promotions etc. I have multiple times found information on Daum cafe that is not easily available on other platforms such as fansign events, fan events etc. 

Fansign events are usually only during a promotion (debut & comeback), but there are also other events that have fansign events. 

2. Fansign Event Store

There are a lot of stores that hold these video call fansign events and everyone holds their own fansigns. This means you can apply for multiple fansigns if you want to and they usually have different dates on the fansigns so you can apply for the one that fits your schedule the most. 

You should be careful, sometimes the fansign event in a store is for an in-person fansign and not a video call fansign. 

International fans: There are stores that hold video call fansign events that are catered to international fans and they are very easy to apply for international fans. All information is in english and they usually have an english-korean translator in the video call with you. These stores tend to be more competitive and harder to get into the fansign since there are more people that apply.

  • Makestar
  • MyMusicTaste

Store that have most of their information in korean and tend to not have an english-korean translator

  • Withdrama
  • Apple Music
  • Synnara
  • Music Korea
  • DMC Music

There are too many stores to list, but these stores will give you a good head start for where to look.

3. How Many Albums Do I Need To Buy?

The most common way for entry at fansign events is a lottery type system where you need to buy albums from their store to get 1 entry ticket. The more albums you buy the greater the chance for winning. 

1 album = 1 ticket

The amount of albums you need to buy to get in heavily depends on the group/artist. There is no set amount of albums for any group, but the amount of albums for groups from SM, JYP, YG & HYBE Ent. tend to be 100+ to have a decent chance. For small groups you can get in with around 20 albums.

4. Read The Information

If it’s your first time you should definitely read the participation information a couple times. The information you find there can be useful such as:

  • Time of the event 
  • Application period
  • How to apply
  • What is allowed during the video call etc.

5. Announcement of Winners


The announcement of winners is announced at the website or they will send you an email. The winner list will be the order for the video call so if you are 1. then you will be the first to have the video call and if you are at the bottom of the list then you will be the last to have the video call.

6. Enjoy

Enjoy the experience, winning or not. It stinks not to win when you spend a lot of money. It’s important to go in with a good mindset and not go broke trying to talk with your idols. Going broke, winning or losing is bad no matter what. In case you won, congratulations! I’m so happy for you and I hope that it will be one of the best times of your life.

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    1. Sure! You have to find which stores that does fansigns (Usually during a comeback promotion), and buy albums which equals to 1 entry per album to a raffle/lottery. For big groups like Enhypen (I hope that’s the correct Jungwon) you need to buy at least 100 albums to have a decent chance to win. Hosting a Group Order is an alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot of money by yourself ^-^

  1. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. I’m not a fan of Korean pop music. But the reason why I’m on here I seen a few tiktoks come up on my fyp (for you page) of people talking to their idols and wanted to see what all the hype was about. Anyway good luck to everyone and I hope you’s all get a chance to talk with your favorite idols.

  2. This was a really helpful post. I would love to win a video call but I’m scared to try again. I just tried with Monsta X – I only bought 2 albums one for two different members and I didn’t win. So it had me thinking that you really do have to buy tons of albums to have a decent shot. I saw a YouTuber that bought 100 albums to win calls. So I kinda feel defeated because I can’t buy that many albums. Plus the shipping as international fan is insane. I use a local package forwarding service but still I would have to eventually get the albums shipped to the US. Haha the life of a K Pop fan girl 😂😂😂

  3. Im a big fan of BTS and P1HARMONY doesn’t really matter whooo I can call 🥹
    jimin jungkook rm Jin hobi suga 🙂 Keeho Soul

  4. me again if Ateez is available to chat I really want to talk to mingi san or Soeongwa I think I spelt it wrong 😭

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