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After winning Queendom 2 WJSN’s anticipated comeback is finally here with the title track Last Sequence. WJSN has been one of my favorite groups for a long time, and is definitely a group I recommend checking out. They did get a good boost of popularity from participating in Queendom. WJSN is a group that has been overlooked by a lot of international K-pop fans most of their career so it’s really nice to see more people get to know them and support them. 

I absolutely loved the concept photos they released. The outfits, the aesthetics, the pure visuals made me so hyped for this comeback, and their last comeback UNNATURAL was my number one song of 2021 and nothing was close to it. 

I don’t know how they manage to pull off this comeback. While many other Queendom contestants have managed to have a comeback shortly after the show, WJSN has also had a concert between the show and the comeback. It’s freaking insane, mad props to them. 

Is this WJSN’s last comeback?
Hmmm…. A little unsure, but I think this is the last comeback before a potential contract renewal. Their contract will expire around february 2023 and with their previous comeback schedule of Neverland (2020), UNNATURAL (2021) and Sequence (2022) it’s most likely that we are not going to have a comeback before their contract expires. They might be able to squeeze in one more comeback before the contract is over. Sequence is WJSN first single album so there is hope for another mini album or single album. 

I believe and hope that most of the members will renew their contract. Without going too much into it I think the chance for renewal is greater than disbandment.

Another BOP!! To be honest I wasn’t blown away at first listen, I don’t know why, but the song keeps getting better and better. It’s definitely going to be one of the timeless bops that I will be listening to for a long time. I don’t know where to start, the song is perfect from start to finish. The way Seola and Eunseo start the song is so intriguing and soothing, and then Dawon and Dayoung come in with the pre-chorus and the song starts picking up the pace towards the chorus which is exciting and elegant. I think Seola and Dawon suits this concept so well. Their vocals are amazing, but their voices are so sexy and intriguing. 

UNNATURAL and Last Sequence have taken them to a whole new level that I want to see more of. I would not be able to die in peace if this is the last we see from them, it would be such a shame. 

Done 💙💙💙💙

A great song and it all comes down to music taste. It’s just not my type of song, but it actually has the potential to grow on me so we will see. Exy showed off her talent once again as co-writer of Last Sequence and Done, co-composer of Done.

Stronger 💙💙💙

A nice ballad co-written by Dawon which is sung by Dawon and Yeonjung. It’s a beautiful song with amazing vocals. Other than that it just doesn’t hit me emotionally.

Overall 💙💙💙💙

The album is 4 out 5. Potential song of the year title track with a great main b-side and beautiful ballad to end it off. I love everything about the comeback. I have watched every performance so far and I will 100% watch everything that comes out. WJSN’s stylist has been on point since the debut and it makes the performances so much more enjoyable, and their visuals are no joke either. Clearly I’m biased since I’m a huge WJSN fan, but I believe that this comeback is really amazing and deserves some recognition.

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