Woo!ah! | “WISH”

Woo!ah! have done a great job so far with woo!ah! and Bad Girl. Bad Girl is my favorite title track so far and my favorite song would be I Don’t Miss U. They are a girl group under NV Ent. and debuted in May 2020.

Really like the song, but I miss a little more kick to it. But at the same time the charm of the song is really enjoyable and works really well. 

Purple  4/10
I don’t think it works. There was not one part of the song that I liked. Both woo!ah! and Bad Girl had a playfulness in them and that does not exist in Purple to the same degree. Hopefully they bounce back. 

Pandora  7/10
If this was the Title song it would be much better imo and I don’t know why they went with Purple. This song sounds much more like a Woo!ah! song and it’s quite good. 

Which song is your favorite?

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