NMIXX – ENTWURF | Album Review

Source: @NMIXX_official (twitter) NMIXX is back with their first comeback and 2nd single album ENTWURF. Their debut song O.O didn’t catch my attention and I haven’t listened to it other than when they just debuted. I don’t expect their new song to be any less weird than their last. They already said they are going […]


Source: @ygent_official (twitter) BLACKPINK is back with an album release after almost 2 years. Their last release Lovesick Girls and THE ALBUM was amazing, adding even more iconic songs to their already stacked discography. Lovesick Girls was a fun song, and it’s expected that their next release Shut Down would be a more girl crush […]

Rocket Punch – FLASH | Album Review

Source: @RocketPunch (twitter) Rocket Punch just released their 2nd single album FLASH. I know people have loved the retro disco vibe they have done for their 2 last releases, but personally I’m super excited and glad they changed to more of their former sound. Their 2nd mini album RED PUNCH is one of my favorite […]

IVE – After LIKE | Album Review

Source: @IVEstarship (twitter) IVE is back with their 3rd single album After LIKE. This is their third release in their debut year which is crazy, but they have also only released single albums so the amount of songs the group have made is still quite low. I think most people want to see them release […]

CSR – Sequence : 7272 | Debut Album Review

Source: CSR_offcl (twitter) I’m in a state of ecstasy, this is exactly what I have missed in K-pop for a long time. This early GFRIEND, Lovelyz & etc sound is something I have been longing for, and CSR is here to deliver to all the K-pop fans that have missed the innocent/youth concept.  첫사랑(CSR) is […]

YENA – SMARTPHONE | Album Review

Source: YENA_OFFICIAL (twitter) YENA the former IZ*ONE member who made her solo debut earlier this year is now back with her 2nd mini album SMARTPHONE. Her debut SMILEY was exceptional. She is the kind of person that wants to make people happy, and the concept she went with last time worked and it suited her […]

NewJeans – New Jeans | Debut Album Review

Source: NewJeans_ADOR (twitter) NewJeans’s final release Cookie is out and they have officially made their debut as of 1st August. I have been casually checking out their pre-releases as they came out, and I must say that I’m excited to see them debut. I think they will bring something unique to the current K-pop industry […]

WJSN – Sequence | Album Review

After winning Queendom 2 WJSN’s anticipated comeback is finally here with the title track Last Sequence. WJSN has been one of my favorite groups for a long time, and is definitely a group I recommend checking out. They did get a good boost of popularity from participating in Queendom. WJSN is a group that has […]

LIGHTSUM – Into The Light | Album Review

LIGHTSUM is back~! and with a mini album. I’m quite excited to listen to what kind of b-sides they bring to us. Their last comeback had 2 b-sides, but it’s different when it’s a mini album and not a single album. Generally speaking artists tend to put more quality to mini albums than single albums […]

Weeekly – Play Game: AWARE | Album Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_sOWEje2mE&lc=Ugxz52TLqT022BhZdD94AaABAg Ven para 💙💙💙It’s so nice to see Weeekly promoting again, and I couldn’t be more happy for them. I already said my thoughts on the concept change, and I’m so not satisfied with IST’s reasoning and execution on the concept change. The song is actually good, but there are so many elements in the […]