Girls Planet 999 Final Ep.12

First of all congratulations to all the girls who made it to the final lineup and thank you to all the girls who worked hard and dared to chase their dream. It has been wonderful watching your journeys throughout the show. I will definitely follow your journeys after the show so don’t give up. My […]

Girls Planet 999 Final Ep.12 Prediction

It’s now 2 days until the final episode where the final group is decided. I will just base my TOP9 prediction on previous elimination rounds and what I think. Mnet released the interim result and it does contain a lot of shocking results and it wouldn’t surprise me if that is close to the final […]

Girls Planet 999 Ep.11 3rd Elimination Round

I did not have any prediction before this elimination round and all I hoped for was that Suyeon and Shana went through to the next round which did happen.  The final result isn’t too surprising. I kinda expected that the koreans contestants would be more spread out in terms of votes and therefore would have […]

Girls Planet 999 Ep.8 [Second Elimination Round]

I think my prediction was decent~~ ^-^’ There were only two who surprised me and that was Bora and Ruan. I expected them to rise in ranks, but I did not expect them to survive this round. I think they definitely deserved it, no doubt. Other than that there weren’t a lot of surprises and […]

Girls Planet 999 Ep.7 [Recap/thoughts]

All about youYeyoung, Miu & Xingqiao Yeyoung and Miu did a fantastic job. I think they both showcased their vocals really well and I got goosebumps listening to them sing. Personally I hope Yeyoung does go to the next round. Xingqiao however was disappointing. She started well, but she made a minor mistake afterwards. She […]

Girls Planet 999 Ep.6 [Recap/thoughts]

We are Wenzhe, Bora & Manami  Wenzhe was really good. I especially liked that she started the song. Bora showed amazing leadership and teamwork once again. Bora helped Manami with not only writing and practicing her part, but also helped her with her mentality. There is one thing to help someone out, but it’s another thing […]

Girls Planet 999 Ep.5 [Recap/thoughts]

My TOP9 before this episode 1. Kim Suyeon2. Nonaka Shana3. Kim Hyerim4. You Dayeon5. Kim Chaehyun6. Lee Hyewon7. Kishida Ririka8. Xu Ruowei9. Lee Rayeon Okay let’s start and see if my TOP9 survived ^-^We will go in the order the show announced.  16. Kim Bora, Zhang Luofei & Hayase Hana I’m surprised to see Bora so […]

Girls Planet 999 Ep.4 [Recap/thoughts]

[There will be spoilers in this post] Fiesta Performance Team 2Shuyun, Yubin, Kyara, Nientzu, Bahiyyih, Shihona, Qiuru, Jimin & Miyu Personally I found it very exciting to see Jimin and Nientzu perform. I think Jimin did a phenomenal job as a center.  The section before the performance was really weird. Did they really not have […]

Girls Planet 999 [Ep.3 Recap/thoughts]

[There will be spoilers in this post] Yes or Yes Performance Team 1 Hyerim, Jiwon, Chaehyun, Moana, Yiman, Ayana, Chiayi, Sumomo & Yuling v I really liked this team. Their teamwork was great. Hyerim & Jewon took charge of the team and they were a little too fast when going through decisions and in the practice, […]

Girls Planet 999 [Ep.2 Recap/thoughts]

I forgot to mention last time that Girls Planet is literally the same as the Produce series and the only reason I see for why they changed the name is because of the voting scandal.  There will be some spoilers in this post. So go and watch the episode first if you want ^^ Performance […]