Girls Planet 999 [Ep.2 Recap/thoughts]

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I forgot to mention last time that Girls Planet is literally the same as the Produce series and the only reason I see for why they changed the name is because of the voting scandal. 

There will be some spoilers in this post. So go and watch the episode first if you want ^^

Performance 1 [J Group – Gogobebe]

Reina [5], Rinka [13], Shinhona [21], Fuka [23]


They did a fantastic job and this is a perfect example of doing each other great. None of them caught my eyes yet however I wish they continue their great performance. 

Performance 2 [K Group – Mr. Chu]

Hyewon [8], Bahiyyih [26], Haeun [31], Yeeun [32]


They looked nervous and therefore they lacked energy and confidence in the performance. I think they just need some good guidance and they will be on the right path. Hyewon is in my top 9 after episode 2 so I will be looking forward to seeing how she will perform in the upcoming episodes. 

Performance 3 [K Group – Wow Thing]

Hyerim [4], Doah [9], Sunwoo [12], Dayeon [20]


I’m glad to see Hyerim again. I was a big fan of her when she appeared in Kpop Star 6 and I know she is a very talented girl. I feel like I have seen both Sunwoo and Dayeon somewhere else before. I know Dayeon has been in the group LIPBUBBLE and later joined the dance studio 1 MILLION, but I still can’t pinpoint exactly where I have seen her, same with Sunwoo. Doha talks about this being her last chance of becoming an idol and that their group FANATICS have been struggling. I personally think that is how the Covid-19 have impacted small groups with minimal fundings and it’s sad. 

This is unquestionably the best performance of episode 1&2! A lot of talent and skill, but also a lot of heart. This is literally what a final performance should look like and there is not one thing wrong with the performance. Now the question is can they keep going at this pace or will they fall a little short. 

Performance 4 [C Group – Snapping]

Ruiqi [2]


That was definitely an amazing performance and many people who watch the show seem to like her, but I just don’t feel the same for some weird reason. However I hope that she can continue strong and maybe I will start to like her, who knows?

Performance 5 [K Group – Paradise]

Seungun [14]


I personally didn’t fancy the performance and I guess it’s good that I’m not one of the judges ^^

Performance 6 [C Group – Maria]

Tzuling [16], Yizhou [21]


I didn’t pay any attention to this performance while watching the episode, but after watching it on youtube it’s quite good. Tzuling could maybe be a candidate for my top 9.

Performance 7 [K Group – Bounce Back]

Bora [3], Jiyoon [5]


Yeah idk what to say~ It was amazing! 

Performance 8 [K Group – Bubble Pop]
Yujin [6]


She is clearly on another level than the other contestants and does have a lot to prove moving forward. I’m not even slightly surprised by her statements about CLC and Cube Ent. 

Performance 9 [J Group – Boogie Up]

May [12], Sumomo [19], Vivienne [27], Ayaka [33]


Under-average performance. I’m worried about May. I personally think she is one the weakest members in Cherry Bullet in terms of Vocals and her dancing is average. I hope she can improve throughout Girlsplanet. 

Performance 10 [K Group – Whatta Man]

Jiwon [11], Rayeon [18], Jimin [28], Yubin [29]


Hmm… Nothing too exciting. Both Jiwon and Rayeon were better than the other too and they really did what was expected from them and nothing more I would say.

Performance 11 [J Group – Latata]

Moka [25], Aratake Rinka [30], Kyara [32]


Not too bad of a performance from someone who is ranked quite low. I personally think Rinka does somehow have a small resemblance of Shuhua. 

Performance 12 [C Group – Siren]

Ziyin [9]


Talented, but the performance really doesn’t show off her strength. Just small tweaks and she will be on a good way. Her earring also fell off during the performance. 

Performance 13 [J Group – Summerwish]
Momoko [18], Hina [20], Miyu [31]


Not too shabby, but it wasn’t quite good either. 

Performance 14 [K Group – Can’t stop me]

Hyerin [15], Dana [16], Sieun [21], Jeongmin [25], Yeongkyung [33]


They did a good job, but they do have some improvement to make. 


9 – Ayana  

I must have been sleeping zzZZZ. I said the Nonstop performance was not that good and I was so wrong I guess. I think I need to rewatch the performance again. 

8 – Cai Bing 

Deserved~ Show a lot of charisma and was quite good. 

7 – Choi Yujin 

It would have been a shock if she didn’t get into the TOP9. 

6 – Seo Youngeun

She really owned the Kick It performance and it was crazy good. On the other hand I’m worried it might be a one hit performance and she does have a lot to prove for deserving to be in the TOP9. 

5 – Jeong Jiyoon

I’m kinda surprised. She did an amazing performance, but she didn’t really catch my attention. Does she deserve to be there? Definitely! 

4 – Su Ruiqi

Quite expected. Personally I’m not a huge fan of Ruiqi and she kinda reminds me of what I thought about Chungha in the first episodes of Produce. Two girls with a lot of talent, but just not my cup of tea I guess. I think Chungha has done a great job with her career and I do like her songs, but I have never had a strong liking for her as a person. Only admiration for talent and the same goes for Ruiqi. 

3 –  Shen Xiaoting

Definitely the best Chinese trainee imo and showed a fantastic performance with Rumour. I think she is destined to debut in the final group, but we have to see. 

2 – Kang Yeseo

I didn’t expect her to be this high in the TOP9. I don’t think it matters anyway. It seems like the nr. 1 and nr. 9 get the same benefits. Yeseo had a nice recovery in the performance with the mic and was overall really good. 

1 – Ezaki Hikaru

This girl has so much talent and skills it’s incredible. 

Final Thoughts

I do not know why there isn’t 1 girl in the TOP9 from imo the best performance [Wow Thing]. Hyerim, Doah, Sunwoo & Dayeon did an amazing performance and there was so little wrong with the performance if there were any. I hope Hyerim really can shine in the rest of the show.

My comments so far about individuals doesn’t really matter going forward. I am looking forward to seeing if they can improve and to be honest I just want to see good performances. I really don’t care who is going to be in the final group. I think it’s just fun to see new trainees and see how they improve. Trainees who might deserve to be in the final group will most likely debut in another group, at least the K-trainees. 

I still think the Cells are stupid and I do not see why it’s implemented in the show. It does not add anything to the viewer’s experience other than pain and frustration. I saw a comment on youtube saying the cell is for balancing the three groups K C J, which is a good point. But why just not eliminate the worst trainees from each group instead of making the cells where some are gaining an unfair advantage or an unfair disadvantage. I hate it! 

What do you think of the show so far and who is your favorite?

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