Girls Planet 999: The contestants

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All the girls/contestants are finally announced – We can now get some insight on who is going to be a part of the program and who will eventually join the final line-up. 

There are 99 girls in total – 33 girls each from Korea, China and Japan. 

You can check out all the profiles on their official site: girlsplanet999

I watched quite a few of the introduction videos and to be honest I find those videos boring. I think they lack personalities – the format of the video, not the girls themselves. 

The main song of the show O.O.O is probably going to be my favorite main Produce song of all time. I’m not going to stop saying that Girls Planet 999 is another season of Produce until they show something significantly different from the Produce series. I love the piano and the song is really good so far.

From what I have seen, the girl that I’m most excited to see is Kim Suyeon. There are a lot of girls that look interesting, but so far Suyeon is the only girl that has got my attention. Cherry Bullet has 3 members participating in Girls Planet 999 – Jiwon, Bora and May are going to participate in the show. I don’t know what to think about it. I thought that after their last comeback Love So Sweet they were on a good path, but maybe not. 

CLC’s Yujin is also joining the program. From what I have seen, a lot of people are very supportive of Yujin and they think/hope that she will join the final line-up. For me I think this is a competition and the best one should win. There are many factors that can play in – the level of competition could be high, Yujin could not perform at her best for some reason etc. Saying anyone should win before the program actually has started is quite strange. Nonetheless I hope Yujin will be able to show her best and that she won’t regret it. 

Are there any girls that have gotten your attention yet?

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